High-Performance Solutions for Durable Coatings

Solvay provides the paint and coatings industry with sustainable solutions that boost performance and protection in the most challenging environments. Backed by more than 60 years of experience and through collaboration with customers, we monitor global trends and anticipate the impacts of changing industry standards to address our customers’ most pressing needs.  

Solvay offers a broad product range and strong technical support for coatings, inks and adhesive applications. Our portfolio includes high-performance polymers, surfactants, specialty monomers, additives and solvents. We deliver improvements to key functionalities such as durability, adhesion, corrosion resistance and water resistance, as well as surface wetting, emulsion polymerization, pigment dispersion, color development and foam control, among others.

Powder coating of metal parts

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Solvay’s innovative paint and coatings solutions enable formulators to overcome today’s most challenging industry obstacles. Explore our brands, including recognizable names such as Sipomer® specialty monomers, Rhodoline® specialty additives, Rhodasurf® APEO-free ethoxylates and Halar® ECTFE waterborne coating systems.

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