Enhancing Electrical and Optical Performance with Solvay

Solvay’s broad portfolio of solutions for the coatings industry provides protective and performance-enhancing properties for electrical and optical applications. Whether searching for anti-reflective benefits, improved optical transparency, or enhanced insulation, resistance or aesthetic properties, Solvay’s versatile offer meets these needs.


  • Fluorolink® PFPE - This coating additive is a bifunctional perfluoropolyether structure with reactive chain ends. With water- and oil-repelling features, Fluorolink® PFPE complements water-resistant coatings that require excellent optical performance. 
  • Hyflon® AD - With near-universal chemical resistance at high temperatures, Hyflon® AD is an optically transparent polymer utilized across many coating applications. 
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - This solution offers outstanding fatigue and chemical resistance in durable coatings. KetaSpire® PEEK is available in powders that can be applied as protective coatings onto metal substrates of various geometries. Powder grades with different particle sizes facilitate electrostatic powder coating, as well as the formulation of dispersion or slurry coatings.
  •  Torlon® AI - Torlon® AI is best known for its chemical and corrosion resistance. Popular in the electrical and chemical processing industries, Torlon® AI provides excellent electrical properties and temperature stability. 
  • Halar® ECTFE - This semi-crystalline polymer is widely used in anti-corrosion applications in many industries. Due to its chemical and fire resistance, it is ideal for use in wire and cable applications.