Coating Solutions That Make a Difference

As consumers become more conscious about how their products impact the environment and their health, the priorities of coatings formulators continue to shift. Not only must manufacturers produce high-quality materials, but they must also consider the environmental footprint of what they create. Manufacturers are prioritizing sustainable alternatives to conventional practices and products to meet eco-conscious demands. 

At Solvay, we enable manufacturers to convert solvent-borne systems to waterborne formulations that meet demanding industry regulations. Aligned with Solvay One Planet, and our focus on increasing the sustainable solutions within our portfolio, we offer a growing line of APE-free (alkylphenol ethoxylates), VOC-free (Volatile Organic Compounds) and eco-label products that meet the most challenging sustainability and performance requirements facing the industry today.


Advanced Brands for the Future of Sustainable Coatings

In keeping with our commitments to the coatings industry, Solvay offers a growing number of sustainable solutions. Our APE- and VOC-free formulations include Rhodasurf®, Abex® and Aerosol® surfactants, and Rhodoline® functional additives for waterborne applications. Within our portfolio, we also offer Augeo®, an innovative slow-evaporating solvent derived from processed glycerin. Additionally, our specialty resins, such as Diofan® PVDC, Fluorolink® PFPE and Hylar® PVDF offer low-VOC or VOC-free properties for coatings to improve air quality.

Versatile Usages for Sustainable Coatings

Solvay’s versatile brands help coatings formulators achieve regulatory and sustainability mandates while improving a range of functionalities, such as adhesion, temperature control, dispersion, coalescence and more.

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