Optimized Performance and Sustainability Enhancements for Coatings

As consumers expect more sustainable solutions, manufacturers in the coatings industry are seeking new formulations to meet demands for more environmentally conscious products. Our unique brands deliver a variety of performance advantages for the coatings industry while promoting more sustainable manufacturing processes and eco-friendly end-use products.


VOC-Free Coatings

Because volatile organic compounds harm the ozone layer, the coatings industry seeks to produce more VOC-free products and applications for consumers. Our VOC-free solutions for the coatings market limit odor in waterborne coating formulations and can contribute to reduced manufacturing carbon footprints. 


Water-Based Formulations

As solventborne formulations are increasingly recognized as harmful to both the atmosphere and humans, Solvay offers formulators solutions that enable the switch to waterborne formulations. 


APE-Free Coatings

Sustainability initiatives across the globe have led coatings manufacturers to remove harmful chemicals like alkylphenol ethoxylates from their products. Our APE-free solutions, such as Rhodasurf®, allow manufacturers to convert to more eco-conscious products developed with improved biodegradable additives.


Carbon Neutral Footprint

Formulators around the world have made it a priority to reduce their carbon footprint and strive for neutrality. Solvay offers eco-label products that are highly effective in small quantities, helping formulators reduce their carbon footprint by improving manufacturing processes.