Solvay’s Solutions for Ink Optimization

Our broad portfolio of specialty polymers, solvents and additives for printing inks delivers exceptional performance and enables consumers to convert from solvent-borne systems to waterborne formulations. 



  • Sipomer® Sipomer® specialty polymers are added during the emulsion polymerization stage to improve various features in inks.
  • Rhodasurf® Rhodasurf® APEO-free ethoxylates enhance the stability and performance of a wide range of polymer systems. Rhodasurf® nonionic surfactants are ideal for improving color acceptance and pigment wetting. 
  • Rhodafac® - This APE-free emulsifier and surfactant delivers performance improvements to ink applications, such as reduced water absorption, enhanced gloss and outstanding color compatibility. 
  • Rhodoline® Specialty Additives Rhodoline® specialty additives are known to enhance the chemical stability of inks, offering ink applications enhanced anti-foaming properties, wetting and pigments dispersion, improved color strength and acceptance. 



  • Augeo® SL 191 - This bio-based solvent is characterized by its low odor, making Augeo® SL 191 ideal for a broad range of ink applications.


Specialty Polymers 

  • Polymist®  PTFE Micronized Powders - Known to enhance the performance properties of the host material, Polymist® micronized PTFE powders are outstanding additives that improve coatings features, such as wear, scrub and scratch resistance.