Advanced Solutions for Construction Materials

Evolving technology and consumer expectations continue to reshape building construction. From consumer expectations for greener and more stylish buildings to the introduction of new materials, the building industry is shifting toward higher-performing, more sustainable construction materials. 

For decades, Solvay has delivered industry-proven solutions for familiar materials used throughout our homes, on roads, and in our workplaces - such as plastics, glass, wood, concrete, bitumen and cement - where they serve vital and specific roles, for instance, improving material durability, enhancing surface quality, and promoting energy efficiency. 


A Broad Portfolio for Construction  

Solvay’s portfolio for construction materials includes high-performance products for structural applications and aesthetic uses, among others. From our polymers and polymeric additives such as CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS®, to our established SODA SOLVAY® DENSE for glass production, to our Augeo® green solvent for wood finishes, our solutions address the most significant challenges in building material development and use.  

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