Solutions for High-Performing & Cost-Effective Valves and Stop Valves

Because metal limits design flexibility and is susceptible to corrosion and contamination, the plumbing and sanitation industry is increasingly searching for replacements for metal systems in valves and stop valves. Traditional stainless steel no longer meets stringent global regulations and must be replaced with polymeric components capable of withstanding changing temperatures, chemicals, oxidative aging, and creep.

With decades of experience in metal replacement for plumbing and sanitary systems, Solvay leads the industry in supplying high-performance polymers for reliable stop valves. Solvay’s specialty polymers enable complex component designs, improved dimensional stability, and corrosion resistance, and superior system efficiency compared to metals. Additionally, our solutions allow for sleeker stop valves through the use of injection-molding and retain structural integrity to prevent rust and corrosion despite their thinness. Sanitary system components developed with Solvay’s polymers present a long-term solution that is high-performing, easy to install, and cost-effective.


Discover High-Performing Polymers for Valves and Stop Valves

Solvay provides a cost-effective alternative to metal with our specialty polymers for stop valves. Our high-performing solutions, including Radel® PPSU, Solef® PVDF, Amodel® PPA, and Ixef® PARA, offer remarkable resistance, approval for drinking water contact and automated assembly. They can be successfully selected to be used into the various parts of the valve: the body, the ball, the shaft, and the connectors.