From architectural coatings to industrial coatings, adhesives and inks 

For more than 60 years, Solvay has been providing high-performance and sustainable solutions to the paint and coatings industry. Our portfolio has evolved into the most comprehensive range of solutions - binders, monomers, additives, solvents, and fillers - addressing architectural & industrial coatings as well as adhesive and ink formulation challenges. Most importantly, all our products aim to create tomorrow’s performance requirements today.

Innovation fueled by coatings market needs

Solvay’s Research & Innovation process relies on a clear understanding of the challenges encountered by coatings’ formulators and aims to deliver unique solutions to ever more demanding end-customers. Our laboratories are strategically located across Asia, Europe, Latin America and the USA. With Solvay’s comprehensive and diverse portfolio of ingredients and chemistries at their disposal, our technical teams translate regional as well as global trends into formulation challenges that create sustainable coatings.

Solvay - Coatings macro-economic and socio-economic factor infographic

Committed to sustainable coatings 

Environmental concerns are key drivers behind the reformulation of well-established paint and coatings systems, such as enabling customers to convert from solvent-borne systems to waterborne coatings formulations for compliance with regulatory requirements. 

Solvay supports customers with a broad range of sustainable coatings solutions and services, including products optimized around such criteria as biodegradability, low to VOC-free formulations, APE-free systems, and the percentage of renewable materials.


Boost your paint and coatings performance 

Effective and efficient, our solutions help coatings formulators to achieve all performance and protection requirements for the most challenging environmental conditions: weather resistance,  temperature resistance, scrub resistance, mechanical resistance, water and corrosion resistance.

Solvay coatings solutions include outstanding benefits to formulators, such as improved durability, adhesion, pigment dispersion, foam control, and color development, as well as surface wetting and excellent emulsion polymerization control.