Solvay, your preferred partner for creating innovative solutions, offers a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable solutions, which include specialty binders, additives and solvents for highly demanding architectural, construction, industrial, adhesive and packaging coatings as well as Inks market applications.

Solvay solutions include outstanding benefits to coating, ink and adhesive formulations, such as improved durability, weather resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical resistance, anti-stain, anti-stick, superior adhesion, surface wetting and excellent emulsion polymerization control as well as enhanced stability, gloss, enhanced pigment dispersion and color development, improved stability and better foam control.

Environmental concerns too are key drivers behind the reformulation of well-established systems, leaving formulators with additional challenges to overcome, such as the conversion to APE-free systems or ensuring compatibility with low to VOC-free formulations.

Solvay supports customers with a broad range of sustainable solutions and services, including products optimized around such criteria as biodegradability, eco-toxicity, VOC content, and percentage of renewable materials.


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