Solvay offers a variety of solutions for Pressure Sensitive Adhesives (PSA) and other specialty adhesives. Our technologies include a wide range of specialty surfactants, monomers, high boiling point solvents and specialty polymers based on Veradel® PESUTorlon® PAIFluorolink® PFPE and Polymist® PTFE, each of which either improves or controls adhesion. 

Solvay provides a carefully selected range of emulsifiers, stabilizers, flow and leveling agents, as well as defoamers for pressure sensitive and construction adhesive latex manufacturing. 

Specialty monomers such as Sipomer®WAM are designed to enhance wet adhesion, wet scrub and solvent resistance in a wide range of polymer systems. Sipomer® WAM II improves wet adhesion and wet scrub performance of latex paints. Sipomer PAM Series mononers provide exceptional adhesion onto difficult substrates, such as aluminum, cold steel, glass, concrete, alkyd, wood and plastic in waterborne or solvent-borne systems.