Solvay offers a broad range of sustainable solutions to architectural coatings customers. We provide binders, colorants and performance solutions. In addition, Solvay offers specialty resins based on Hylar® 5000 PVDF and Algoflon® PTFE for architectural and construction coatings to enhance the performance of metal and fabric structures. These products have been used in the marketplace for more than 40 years exhibiting superior durability and outstanding chemical, weathering and UV resistance. 

Solvay’s dedicated line of products addresses the application needs of the architectural formulators. The Specialty monomer portfolio Sipomer® product line of products brings functionality and boosts binder performance to much higher levels to improve adhesion and performance of architectural paints.

Rhodafac® phosphate ester and Aerosol® sulfosuccinamate emulsifiers enable small particle size binders which offer improved water resistance and better color acceptance. 

New functional open-time additives, Rhodoline® OTE 600 and freeze-thaw additive, Rhodoline® FT XTrim offer better workability and protection in hot or cold temperature conditions. Rhodoline® CL 3101 new odor-free and VOC-free coalescent address the need for sustainable solutions of environmentally-friendly, waterborne architectural paints.