Solvay offers a broad range of additive, binder and resin solutions to industrial coating customers. Our technologies for industrial coatings include, but not limited to, environmentally-friendly solutions like anionic emulsifiers (Abex®Rhodafac®Aerosol®) and nonionic surfactants (Rhodasurf®). 

We also offer Sipomer® series adhesion, performance and rheology monomers: Rhodoline® wetting and dispersant agents, Rhodoline® defoamers and Fentamine® specialty amines

In addition, Solvay offers high performance coating resins such as Torlon® PAI, Hylar® PVDF  Hylar® ECTFEHyflon® PFA/MFA®Diofan® PVDC and Ixan® PVDC.

Solvay provides additive technologies with Algoflon® PTFE and Polymist® PTFE as well as Fluorolink® PFPE.

Finally, Solvay's offering includes a wide range of green solvents such as Augeo™ SL 191 and Rhodiasolv® IRIS, Infinity® E and CYASORB CYNERGY® UV protection solutions as well as CYASTAT® antistatic agents. 


Automotive Coatings

Diofan® PVDC binder based anticorrosive coating formulations enable cost efficient, reliable protection for automotive underbody and part coatings as well as for components in railway, agricultural, construction machinery and many other applications. Diofan® PVDC dispersions help in the formulation of highly technical, one-pack, water-based paints which are better for both health and the environment. Sipomer® line of specialty polymers provides exceptional adhesion and corrosion control to both waterborne and solventborne coating systems. Fluorolink®bifunctional PFPE is used as a reactive monomer for polymer modification and improves chemical, oil and stain resistance.

Torlon® PAI is used in anti-friction coatings thanks to its exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance as well as its wear-resistance properties. For the same applications, Algoflon® PTFE and Polymist® PTFE are also included to improve final friction properties when the coating is used as an additive and/or top coat.

Blanc Fixe is is a multi-functional filler based on Barium Sulfate chemistry which is free from impurities such as quartz. Blanc Fixe is used in automotive refinish coatings and coating formulations to enhances weather resistance and corrosion resistance while improving hiding power and tint strength. Blanc Fixe can be dispersed relatively easily. Blanc Fixe is totally inert under normal conditions, and possesses high resistance to outdoor exposure and to chemicals. 


Building & Construction

Solvay provides sustainable solutions that meet the higher demands of new buildings. We care about increasing their lifespan and protecting them with non-toxic and low odor paints and coatings. We also offer safe solutions for their inhabitants with fire retardant coatings. We protect metals against corrosion and improve the weather resistance of the entire building.  

Additionally, low VOC (Volatile Organic Content) and low odor architectural paints can be formulated with a line of non-toxic emulsifiers ; Abex®Rhodafac®, Aerosol®, Rhodasurf® and Rhodoline®. These paint additives improve indoor air quality, and often contribute to building standards such as LEED Certification.  

Rhodiasolv® DIB for Coatings is a sustainable line of coalescing agents in paint  and coatings designed to enhance the performance of industrial coatings.

Our polymer solutions include Diofan® PVDC and Ixan® PVDC ;  Hylar® PVDF Algoflon® PTFE and  Fluorolink®bifunctional PFPE specialty additives which protect the buildings from corrosion and improve their durability. 


Oil & Gas and Processing Industry

Solvay has developed a series of high performance, anti-corrosion coatings which offer lifetime extension for Outer Diameter (OD) mainline onshore pipe and high temperature Inner Diameter (ID) protective coatings. Coatings are typically applied by electrostatic powder coating, liquid coating or extrusion techniques. Used internally, these help to reduce scaling and enhance flow, thanks to their exceptional surface smoothness and low surface energy.


For OD, the new 3-layer Solef® PVDF solution provides unsurpassed UV protection, resistance to permeation of water and oxygen, as well as protection from harsh soils.

For high temperature gas lines, Halar® ECTFE is an effective, smooth corrosion barrier for pipe internals and other assets.

Hyflon® PFA/MFA® fluorinated polymers can provide excellent corrosion protection for pipe assets, as well as an extremely low friction surface for greater productivity.

Ryton® PPS and KetaSpire® PEEK coatings can be an excellent choice, combining outstanding friction and wear resistance along with advanced chemical resistance and low permeation to oilfield conditions. Also, they can extend the service life of metal components in highly abrasive environments reaching up to 220°C. 

In the Processing Industry, fluoropolymers such as Halar® ECTFE and Hyflon® PFA/MFA® have been successfully utilized in situations requiring a high level of corrosion resistance. Halar® ECTFE and Hyflon® PFA/MFA® can be applied on metal in many different ways, the most frequent being coating techniques. Solvent coating with fluoropolymers have been used for several decades in aluminum protection, mainly for architectural applications. Coating techniques without the use of solvents are more environmentally-friendly. A broad range of Halar® ECTFE and Hyflon® PFA/MFA® grades is available for electrostatic powder coating, which allows corrosion protection of pieces with complex geometry. Newer developments focus on waterborne coatings, which in some cases allow for field application. Finally, whatever technique is used, fluoropolymers are a cost-effective alternative to high performance alloys and have found their way into various industry sectors.