Wetting Agents, Defoamers and Surfactants

Solvay provides a wide selection of specialty additives and solvents for printing inks. Solvay technologies include a range of specialty anionic and nonionic surfactants, emulsifiers, specialty monomers, pigment wetting and dispersing additives, substrate wetting agents, defoamers and high boiling point solvents.


We also offer specialty polymers based on PTFE, all of which impart mar resistance, moisture and oil repellency, gloss retention and improved abrasion, as well as PVDC - thanks to its adherence, water resistance, and chemical inertness.


Sustainable Ink Additives Solutions

Our APE- and VOC-free products enable customers to convert from solvent-borne systems to waterborne formulations.

For example, Solvay offers APE-free nonionic surfactants such as Rhodasurf® or anionic surfactants such as Rhodacal®.