Solvay provides environmentally-friendly anionic and nonionic surfactants, wetting and dispersant agents, defoamers, amines, specialty monomers, phosphorus derivatives, high performance PVDF and PVDC polymers, PTFE and PFPE additive technologies as well as a wide range of green solvents.

Solvay has been working very closely with its customers to design products that solve unmet customer needs for binders, colorants and performance by offering such solutions as APE- & VOC-free, odor-free products including emulsifiers, specialty adhesion monomers, wetting agents & dispersants, odorless coalescents, defoamers, amine intermediates and new multi-functional additives such as freeze-thaw and open-time extenders to enhance overall paint performance.



Solvay provides a wide range of eco-friendly solutions such as specialty emulsifiers (Abex®Rhodafac®, Rhodasurf®Aerosol®) to control particle size and improve stability.

We also offer specialty monomers, such as Sipomer® BEM, SEM, PAMWAM and the COPS series, all of which provide excellent adhesion, scrub and water resistance as well as stain block resistance in waterborne polymers. 

Finally, Solvay offers a wide range of specialty polymers, such as Hylar® PVDF, Diofan® PVDC, Ixan® PVDC and Algoflon® PFTE to boost the performance of a large variety of paints and coatings. 



Solvay Sipomer® line of specialty monomers delivers significant performance and functionality to your coatings. The Sipomer® PAM series provides exceptional adhesion onto metal, glass, concrete and wood substrates while improving the scrub and color development of your paints. The Sipomer® COPS series improves mechanical, scrub and salt resistance in high CPVC paints. 

Sipomer® WAM series specialty monomers are designed to enhance the wet adhesion, wet scrub and solvent resistance in a wide range of polymer systems.  
The Sipomer® BEM, SEM and HPM series rheology monomers are designed for HASE thickeners. 
Solvay is offering a range of diphenolmolecules (hydroquinone and catechol derivatives) which can replace BPA in  epoxy resins. 



Solvay Polymist® PTFE micropowders, PFPE fluids (Fluorolink® PFPE) and Rhodoline® additives deliver outstanding benefits to coating formulations, such as enhanced surface wetting, improved coating substrate adhesion, anti-slip, improved film hardness/block resistance, superior dispersion stability and gloss, enhanced color development and stability, and better foam control. Solvay additives are also effective in minimizing production mixing time and improving manufacturing efficiency. 

In addition, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS and CYASTAT® antistatic agents provide exceptional protection to coatings. 
Catechol or TBC are efficient additive to prevent from metal corrosion.



Solvay offers sustainable solvents such as Augeo™ SL 191, an innovative slow-evaporating solvent with performance comparable to glycol ethers and their acetates.

Rhodiasolv® IRIS and INFINITY E solvents are eco-friendly and designed for alternative solutions to N-methyl pyrolidone, MEK and xylene. 
In addition, Solvay offers conventional solvents such as Acetone, Butyl /Ethyl Acetate, IPA, MEKPLUS E, MIBK, Rhodiasolv® MTS, Solvente ME for Industrial Coatings and Paint applications. 

Typical applications include anti-corrosion coatings, anti-fouling paints, coil coatings, can coatings, wood coatings, road marking paints, pigment paste and pigment preparation as well as insulating lacquers and varnishes.



Blanc Fixe is a multi-functional extender based on Barium Sulfate chemistry which is free from impurities such as quartz. Blanc Fixe enhances weather resistance and corrosion resistance while improving hiding power and tint strength in architectural & industrial coatings applications as well as in pigment paste and pigments. Blanc Fixe can be dispersed relatively easily. Blanc Fixe is totally inert under normal conditions, and possesses high resistance to outdoor exposure and to chemicals.