Protecting your surfaces with our innovative and sustainable coatings solutions

Solvay offers a comprehensive portfolio coatings solutions including performance rheology monomers, high-performance coating resins, additive technologies, green solvents and more, conforming to environmental standards. 

Our solutions provide outstanding benefits in coating, ink and adhesive formulations, such as improved durability, weather resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical resistance, anti-stain, anti-stick, excellent adhesion, surface wetting and superior emulsion polymerization control as well as enhanced stability, gloss, pigment dispersion and color development, with improved stability, open-time and freeze-thaw as well as better foam control.


Driven by sustainability 

Environmental concerns are one of the key drivers behind the reformulation of well-established systems, leaving formulators with additional challenges to overcome, such as the conversion to VOC- and APE-free systems or ensuring compatibility with low to VOC-free formulations.

Our comprehensive paint and coatings solutions portfolio

Anionic emulsifiers & nonionic surfactants

Our technologies include but not limited to, such environmentally-friendly solutions as anionic emulsifiers:

  • Abex® Range: Enhance performance in architectural coatings with Solvay’s non-ionic specialty emulsifier surfactants
  • Rhodafac® Range for coatings: Corrosion prevention by high performance protective coatings
  • Aerosol® SurfactantsImprove the performance of your waterborne coatings with our specialty emulsifier solutions

And nonionic surfactants:

  • Rhodasurf® Range: Enhance the performance of your polymer systems and your final coatings formulations
Coatings adhesion and rheology monomers

Specialty monomers for adhesion and more:

  • Sipomer® range: Enhance the performance of your waterborne coatings with our extensive portfolio of specialty monomers

Performance and rheology monomers: 

  • Rhodoline® Range: An extensive portfolio of high performance additives that enhances the performance of your waterborne coatings
  • Rhodoline® 3000 Series:  APE-free wetting and dispersing agents for low and zero VOC colorants for coatings and inks
  • Rhodoline® WA Series: APE-free pigment wetting agents for paints and coatings
  • Rhodoline® DF Series: Defoamer additives to prevent foam formation
  • Fentamine® specialty amines.
High-performance coating resins

Solvay offers high-performance coating resins such as Torlon® PAI, Hylar® PVDF, Hyflon® PFA/MFA®, Diofan® PVDC and Ixan® PVDC.

Green solvents

Solvay's offering includes a wide range of green solvents such as Augeo™ SL 191 and Rhodiasolv® IRIS, Infinity® E, CYASORB CYNERGY® UV protection solutions and CYASTAT® antistatic agents.

A diversified offering