Solvay provides specialty monomers and various types of specialty polymers to address the adhesion needs of architectural coatings, construction, automotive refinishing, coil coatings, maintenance and special purpose coating as well as adhesive and ink applications.

Such Sipomer® specialty monomers as Sipomer® WAM (wet adhesion monomers) are designed to enhance wet adhesion, wet scrub and solvent resistance in a wide range of polymer systems. Sipomer® WAM II improves wet adhesion and wet scrub performance of latex paints.

Sipomer® WAM products provide excellent adhesion onto aged alkyd and wood substrates.  

The Sipomer® PAM speciality monomers series provides exceptional adhesion onto difficult substrates, such as aluminum, cold steel, glass and concrete in waterborne or solvent-borne systems. Sipomer® PAM-100, Sipomer® PAM-200 and Sipomer® PAM 600 can boost your resin performances in terms of adhesion and corrosion resistance. They also offer a viable solution for

direct to metal applications.

Diofan® PVDC and Ixan® PVDC as well as Hylar® PVDF specialty polymers, all improve adhesion on a variety of metals in waterborne or solvent-borne systems. Additionally, both Torlon® PAI and Veradel® PESU can be critical to adhesion development in primer formulations for industrial coatings and for cookware coatings, being also usable at high temperatures.

Catechol and TBC provides strong interfacialbondings, strong adhesive properties and robust surface modification of material as illustrated by the adhesion of mussel onto the rock which is traced back to catechol moieties. They also exhibit very high affinity with metals like Al,Ti, Fe…

MEHQ (Methyl Ether of Hydroquinone, or PMP) permits to control the velocity of adhesion / polymerization.