Solvay offers solutions to current and future customer needs in a variety of Binder systems, including acrylics & styrene acrylics, vinyl acrylics, vinyl acetate ethylene, polyvinyl chloride, styrene butadiene, alkyd and epoxy emulsions.

Improving the quality of binders is the first step toward improving coatings performance. Apart from increasingly refined synthesis techniques, specialty monomers can strongly enhance such key properties as adhesion to metal, glass, concrete and wood surfaces, wet adhesion, improved durability and weather resistance, better scrub and mechanical stability. Consequently it allows formulators to switch from solvent-based to waterborne technologies. Specialty HASE monomers provide more flexibility in the synthesis of appropriate thickeners that are more suitable in answering challenges associated with improved performance in coating formulations.

In serving the emulsion polymer market Solvay is a global leader in surfactants and specialty monomers, enabling conversion to water-based systems with specialty surfactants and monomers. Understanding the surface chemistry and having the right building blocks enables the development of effective and tailored solutions that can further boost the performance of a variety of coatings.

The Rhodacal® range of sulfonate surfactants can function as emulsifiers, stabilizers, wetting and dispersing agents to unlock greater performance to architectural coatings.


APE- & VOC-free products

Including Abex®Rhodafac®Rhodapex® and Aerosol® surfactant solutions, as well as Sipomer® PAMWAM and the COPS series of specialty adhesion monomers, all help to solve such unmet customer needs as water resistance, scrub resistance, adhesion, corrosion resistance, stain resistance and blocking resistance.

Hydroquinone, MEHQ (or PMP), TBC are the appropriate stabilizers for olefins like acrylics, styrene and butadiene.