The Coatings market continues to demand better scrub resistance and durability, as well as improved friction and wear resistance for coatings direct-to-metal and tank lining for industrial and architectural paints and coatings.


Scrub Resistance Solutions

Solvay offers various technologies to solve the need for high scrub resistance in waterbome architectural paints. Our specialty monomers including Sipomer COPS-1 and COPS-3 provide exceptional wet scrub improvement in high CPVC paints. In addition, Rhodafac® PE 3016 emulsifier and Rhodoline® WA 1801 surfactants show much improved scrub in high CPVC paints.


Friction & Wear : Performance Polymer Solutions

Solvay polymers and additives for coatings can offer enhanced friction and wear through both COF-reducing polymers such as Hyflon® PFA/MFA® and Polymist® PTFE or through additives or inherently abrasion-resistant polymers such as Ryton® PPS and KetaSpire® PEEK


High Temperatures Mechanical Strength Solutions

Solvay polymers for coatings can offer an expanded use-range, from high melting-point fluoropolymers such as Hyflon® PFA/MFA® and Algoflon® PTFE -where properties are maintained in comparison with traditional thermoplastics- to inherently high-strength polymers such as Ryton® PPS and  KetaSpire® PEEK