Solvay recognizes the difficulties of selecting the optimal additive package in a variety of pigmented systems for maximizing color strength by improved wetting, dispersing, compatibility and stabilizing both organic and inorganic pigment dispersions in various coatings and ink systems. 

  • Rhodoline® wetting and dispersing agents provide broad compatibility, improved color strength and color acceptance and storage stability in waterborne architectural and industrial paints, inks as well as pigmented systems.
  • Rhodoline® 3100 is the most versatile dispersant for low-to-medium HLB organic pigments including carbon black and color pigments.
  • Rhodoline® 4188 wetting and color stabilizer for tinted paints as well as co-wetting and dispersing agent for inorganic pigments such as iron oxide and TiO2 pigments.
  • Rhodoline® WA 265N is a multi-functional eco-label wetting agent which provides excellent pigment wetting organic pigments, improved tint-strength, enhanced stability and excellent color acceptance.    
  • The Rhodacal® range of sulfonate surfactants can function as emulsifiers, stabilizers, wetting and dispersing agents to unlock greater performance to architectural coatings.