Solvay offers a comprehensive portfolio of sustainable solutions that provides outstanding benefits in coating, ink and adhesive formulations, such as improved durability, weather resistance, temperature resistance, mechanical resistance, anti-stain, anti-stick, excellent adhesion, surface wetting and superior emulsion polymerization control as well as enhanced stability, gloss, pigment dispersion and color development, with improved stability, open-time and freeze-thaw as well as better foam control.

Environmental concerns are one of the key drivers behind the reformulation of well-established systems, leaving formulators with additional challenges to overcome, such as the conversion to VOC- and APE-free systems or ensuring compatibility with low to VOC-free formulations.

Our technologies include but not limited to, such environmentally-friendly solutions as anionic emulsifiers (Abex®Rhodafac®Aerosol®) and nonionic surfactants (Rhodasurf®).

We also offer Sipomer® series adhesion as well as performance and rheology monomers: Rhodoline® wetting and dispersant agents,  Rhodoline® defoamers and Fentamine® specialty amines.

In addition, Solvay offers high-performance coating resins such as Torlon® PAIHylar® PVDFHyflon® PFA/MFA®Diofan® PVDC and Ixan® PVDC.

Solvay provides additive technologies with Algoflon® PTFE and Polymist® PTFE as well as Fluorolink® PFPE.

Finally, Solvay's offering includes a wide range of green solvents such as Augeo™ SL 191 and Rhodiasolv® IRISInfinity® E, CYASORB CYNERGY® UV protection solutions and CYASTAT® antistatic agents.


A diversified offering