Solvay offers a variety of polymers for use in antistick coatings as either binders, additives, or adhesion promoters. Algoflon® PTFE dispersions are ideal for use in antistick cookware for both commercial and consumer bakeware. Algoflon® PTFE and Hyflon® PFA/MFA® also coat fabrics used in release sheets or in conveyors used in high temperature industrial and consumer ovens.

Other Solvay products, such as Polymist® PTFE and Fluorolink® PFPE, can be used as additives in coating formulation to increase the antistick behavior of coatings. Torlon® PAI and Veradel® PESU are critical to adhesion development in primer formulations for both industrial and cookware coatings, being usable also at high temperatures. KetaSpire® PEEK and Ryton® PPS too are ideal for high temperature coatings that require good abrasion and chemical resistance.

In addition, Hylar® PVDF, Halar® ECTFE, Hyflon® PFA/MFA® and Algoflon® PTFE are all used in industrial coatings to reduce scaling in piping (OD and ID), coated vessels, fittings and ducting.