Consumers constantly expect more efficacy and innovation from their home care cleaning solutions. Solvay develops high-performing ingredients that improve the capabilities of cleaning applications for every part of the home. Our broad portfolio of home care specialty chemicals enhances formulators’ ability to design high-performing, eco-friendly and groundbreaking cleaning products for unmatched fabric, surface and dish care. 

"Our innovative and highly effective ingredients for home care applications are designed to create fabric care, surface care, and dish care solutions that promote effortless cleaning and meet the continually changing needs of consumers."

Eric Leroy, Global Marketing Innovation Director, Home & Personal Care at Solvay

Fabric Care

Fabric Care

As one of the fastest-growing and innovative segments of the home care industry, fabric care solutions must continually push conventional boundaries to deliver more effective and sustainable laundry detergents. Today’s consumer expectations require high-performance fabric care products that are designed with new and innovative solutions, naturally derived ingredients and odor-fighting capabilities for superior freshness and cleanliness. Formulators search for sophisticated and multifunctional ingredients to develop simple, yet effective solutions. Discover Solvay’s specialty polymers for laundry that fight against graying and provide exceptional cleaning results.

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A powerful polymer for powder detergents that promotes anti-soil redeposition in economical laundry solutions. This soil release polymer and cleansing agent is compatible with all powder formulations and is particularly effective with polyester and mixed cotton/polyester fabrics. Formulators searching for an affordable, yet effective ingredient for their powder detergents can rely on Solvay’s Repel-O-Tex® SRP6 designed with soil release technology for laundry solutions.

A liquid soil release polymer that helps white clothing maintain its bright color and prevents the resoiling of synthetic fabrics from the first wash. This fabric protection polymer acts as a shield against soiling to make subsequent wash cycles easier and maintains excellent performance in wash cycles with temperatures as low as 20°C. Repel-O-Tex® Crystal is ideal for use in simple liquid laundry detergents with fewer chemicals.

A special grade of soil release polymer that offers best-in-class performance on the toughest stains and most challenging fabrics. This detergency booster polymer is extremely efficient against tough stains and acts as a fabric anti-graying solution to improve the performance of powder detergents. 

A hydrophobically modified alkali-swellable emulsion polymer, or HASE polymer, that provides efficient thickening properties in fabric care solutions. This viscosity builder for home care formulations adds shear-thinning rheology benefits in sulfated and sulfate-free cleaning surfactant systems.

A sustainable and bio-based surfactant for home care solutions that reduces nonrenewable resource consumption and greenhouse gas generation by 20% compared to competitors. This innovative high RCI surfactant is a 100% bio-based Laureth-6 developed from palm kernel and sugar cane and can support >90% USDA Biobased Certification. Suitable for detergents and fabric softeners, this cleaning and emulsifying agent for fabric care is 100% natural and meets ECOCERT restrictions.

A natural-based surfactant for home care that is sourced from plants and maintains an RCI of 100%. This Sodium Laureth Sulfate is derived from sugar cane and palm kernel oil as an alternative to synthetic surfactants and enables formulators to develop natural detergents with bio-based ingredients. 

Surface Care 

Hard Surface

In consumers’ cleaning routines, different surfaces have unique cleaning requirements. In bathrooms, for example, consumers are interested in effortless cleaning formulations that get rid of limescale or soap scum and produce easily rinsed surfaces. In the kitchen, however, consumers prioritize cleaning solutions that can tackle grease and other food stains for a clean, shiny surface. While consumers have high expectations in hard surface formulations for easy cleaning, formulators are challenged to develop versatile products that are easy to use in different environments around the home and also save time and energy. Solvay offers an extensive portfolio of surface care polymers and renewable surfactants for formulators interested in developing the most versatile, effective hard surface cleaners available

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A high-performance surface protection polymer formulated to maintain clean and shiny hard surfaces even after several cleaning cycles, while promoting long-lasting soil repellency, anti-limescale encrustation and a noticeable shine. This polymer for hard surface cleaning is particularly suitable for acidic formulations, such as toilet bowl and bathroom cleaners, and offers formulators a biocide-free option that is compatible with EU Ecolabel formulations.

A surface modification polymer for cleaning surfaces designed to dry quickly and promote easy cleaning on a variety of surfaces. This surface cleaning polymer is naturally derived and compatible with modern hard surfaces such as PMMA and polycarbonate. 

A polymer for hard surface cleaning that promotes fast-drying, residue-free and anti-fog benefits. Suitable for Ecolabel formulations, this long-lasting hard surface hydrophilization polymer is biocide-free and can be used in effective cleaning solutions for glass and ceramic surfaces.

A natural-based polymer for hard surface cleaning that is derived from guar gum and used as a nonionic viscosity builder. This natural thickener for hard surface cleaners is compatible with polar solvents and cationics for naturally derived, multipurpose cleaning solutions for kitchens, bathrooms and surfaces.

A natural suspension agent manufactured through a fermentation process that creates pseudo-plastic behavior in cleaning formulations. This stabilizer and natural thickener for hard surface cleaners offers better surface adhesion and is easily soluble. It is the perfect solution for formulating naturally derived cleaning solutions. Additionally, Rheozan® is especially suited for acidic cleaners, such as toilet bowl cleaners, and offers excellent compatibility in a variety of acidic formulations.  

A hydrophobically-modified alkali-swellable emulsion or HASE polymer that enables formulators to develop a wide range of fabric care solutions. This easy-to-use, liquid rheology modifier provides high thickening efficiency in both sulfate-based and sulfate-free surfactant systems and serves as an excellent suspension agent for cleaning formulations with low-to-medium surfactant systems. 

A specialty rheology blend for acidic formulations, such as toilet cleaners, that can incorporate a variety of fragrances without compromising on solution stability. This rheology modifier for home care is a multifunctional ingredient that enables formulators to develop simpler solutions with ideal viscosity.

A surfactant for biodegradable cleaning formulations that produces high stability in both extreme acid and alkaline formulations. This fatty alkyl sulfobetaine is an excellent option for sophisticated cleaning solutions developed with bio-based home care cleaning agents. Mackam® LHS GN can be used as an alternative to alkanolamides for foam and viscosity enhancement in hard surface cleaning applications.

A Sodium Laureth Sulfate that is produced from 100% renewable carbon and derived from sugar cane and palm kernel oil. This alternative to synthetic surfactants can be used in sustainable home care cleaning formulations and eco-friendly hard surface cleaners. It is also recommended for >90% USDA biobased products.

A bio-based surfactant for home care that is developed from palm kernel and sugar cane to reduce nonrenewable resource consumption and greenhouse gas generation. This alternative to synthetic surfactants is naturally derived for more sustainable home care cleaning solutions and is recommended for >90% USDA

Dish Care

Dish Care

Today’s home care consumers search for dishwashing solutions that deliver anti-spotting and high shine benefits and remove tough food residues from the first use. Additionally, today’s formulators must offer cleaning solutions that are available in compact formats to reduce unnecessary packaging and completely free of harmful chemicals to ensure safety in critical applications with food contact. Formulators are also challenged to develop multifunctional products made without harmful ingredients. Solvay has an expansive portfolio of versatile polymers for automatic dishwashing products that deliver extra shine and ensure end-use consumers achieve noticeably clean dishes, as well as highly effective suds boosters and grease-cutting surfactants.

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An advanced shine polymer used to boost the effect of nonionic surfactants for the formulation of versatile automatic dishwashing detergents. This multifunctional shine polymer for dishes is especially effective in phosphate-free tablets for spot-free, fast-drying dishwashing solutions.

A liquid polymer for automatic dishwashing formulations that prevent spotting, streaking, and films for higher-performing and more cost-efficient dish care solutions. This shine polymer for dishes is ideal for use in phosphate-free liquid and gel dishwashing detergents.

A surfactant for biodegradable cleaning formulations that produces high foam and excellent stability in both extreme acid and alkaline home care solutions. This bio-based surfactant for home care offers formulators a naturally derived ingredient that boosts viscosity and foam as an alternative to alkanolamides in dish care applications.

An easy cleaning polymer used as an alternative to synthetic surfactants. This cleansing agent is naturally derived from sugar cane and palm kernel oil with an RCI of 100%. Solvay’s Rhodapex® ESB-70 NAT has a lower carbon footprint and lower consumption of nonrenewable resources than Petro-based SLES, supporting the development of more eco-friendly dishwashing solutions.