The homecare industry continues to trend toward more eco-friendly detergents. Traditionally, phosphate-based automatic dishwashing detergents were excellent to prevent limescale deposits and offer shiny glassware. Nevertheless, phosphates can cause ecological damage, and many countries have limited the use of phosphates in automatic dishwashing detergents. Many new, phosphate-free detergents are eco-friendly but do not match the performance of products with phosphates. Solvay’s shine polymers for automatic dishwashing provide formulators with superior ingredients for phosphate-free solutions to deliver a superior shine and residue-free dishes. These shine polymers for dishes offer an array of benefits in powder and liquid-form detergents and enable consistent, sparkling and spot-free dishware. 

"Especially as phosphate-free formulations become increasingly popular, our Mirapol® Surf-S polymers for automatic dishwashing deliver outstanding alternatives that produce unrivaled shine."

Katerina Karagianni, PhD Household R&I Manager at Solvay

Homogeneous Water Film for Enhanced Shine

Spots and streaks can leave dishes appearing exactly as dirty as they were before the wash. As phosphate-free formulations continue to gain popularity around the world, dish-wash ingredients must continue to avoid residue and leave a sparkling finish. Specially designed for glass and ceramic dishware, Solvay’s Mirapol® Surf-S polymers adsorb on the dishware’s surface and render them more hydrophilic. During drying, these anti-spotting polymers for dishes form a thin homogeneous film of water, which enables a water sheeting mechanism. This rapid and even evaporation of the water film leaves dish surfaces sparkling and shiny, without streaks or spots. Accordingly, solutions formulated with these polymers permit much faster drying than those in which they are absent. 


Mirapol® Surf-S Polymers for Automatic Dishwashing

Solvay’s shine polymers for dishes, Mirapol® Surf-S P-Free Power and Mirapol® Surf-S 480 PF provide modern formulations with advanced surface hydrophilization technology. Both of these superior performance polymers are now available in preservative-free options as new additions to our Dish Care portfolio; Mirapol® Surf-S P-Free Power NP and Mirapol® Surf-S 480 PF NP. Mirapol® Surf-S P-Free Power NP is an easy-to-use powder and provides rinse aid functions in all-in-one tablets, and efficiently produces shinier dishes with its unique anti-spotting and anti-streaking properties. Mirapol® Surf-S 480 PF NP is a liquid polymer specially designed for phosphate-free automatic dishwashing formulations (tablets and gels) with excellent anti-spotting and anti-streaking benefits. 


Rinse-Aid Surfactants in Final Rinse Cycle

Surfactants play a significant role in effortless cleaning formulations for dish care that deliver enhanced shine. Specifically, Solvay’s Antarox® L-Series surfactants are optimized solutions, delivering superior shine and residue-free dishes for rinse aid formulations. These high-performance rinse aid surfactants are activated in the final stage of dishwashing cycles to provide wetting properties and better facilitate film formation and water sheeting, which ensures that dishes come out sparkling and shiny. 

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