Market trends may come and go, but a new wave of biocide-free, more sustainable home care products are flooding the market. Manufacturers are facing a two-fold demand for self-preserved home care formulations. Consumers are searching for effective and more natural cleaning products that they consider to be safer, while research and new regulations are reducing the range of ingredients and biocides formulators can use. Solvay continues to innovate our ingredients so formulators can develop high-performing cleaning solutions without the need for harmful preservatives or other toxic materials. 

"It is a challenge to develop preservative-free ingredients that maintain the high-quality and performance levels of typically used solutions. Our scientists continue to innovate self-preserved home care ingredients that meet consumers' evolving needs."

Katerina Karagianni, PhD Household R&I Manager at Solvay

Self-Preserved Ingredients for Hard Surface Cleaners

No premium hard surface cleaner is complete without the specialty polymers that add effortless cleaning power to combat even the toughest stains. Designed to provide added shine and a stress-free cleaning experience, easy cleaning polymers work to remove challenging soils and prevent the development of these soils in the future with hard surface hydrophilization technology. In response to the demand for safer ingredients, Solvay’s researchers create advanced easy cleaning polymers that are self-preserved for implementation in more sustainable home care cleaning solutions.

Solvay’s range of biocide-free ingredients for hard surface cleaners is designed to create a more enjoyable and effective clean, while also promoting safety for consumers. Formulators dealing with acidic solutions, such as those found in bathroom cleaners, can utilize Mirapol® Surf-S 900 to enhance performance. This easy cleaning polymer is auto-preserved and maintains outstanding performance against limescale encrustation and other soils commonly found on hard surfaces, including ceramic, glass and stainless steel. With soil-release technology, Mirapol® Surf-S 900 protects surfaces and keeps them shiny and clean, even after several cycles of soiling. 

Additionally, Mirapol® Surf-S 600 is a high-performing soil release agent and easy cleaning polymer that is preservative-free and offers excellent water-sheeting properties for fast, streak-free drying on a range of surfaces. Both of these polymers for hard surface cleaning are EU Ecolabel compatible and enable formulators to create safe, hard surface cleaners that are biocide-free.


Self-Preserved Ingredients for Dishwashing Solutions

Many automatic dishwashing detergents historically utilized phosphates to remove limescale deposits and promote shiny glasses without realizing the environmental impact that these ingredients can have. With regulations limiting the amount of phosphates that can be implemented in dishwashing solutions, formulators and consumers are turning to more sustainable, phosphate-free ingredients that can still provide outstanding cleaning performance and shine. Just as easy cleaning polymers can enhance hard surface cleaners, these same properties can be used to optimize automatic dishwashing solutions. From fast-drying properties to consistent shine, polymers for automatic dishwashing must maintain high performance levels and promote consumer safety.

Solvay’s self-preserved ingredients for dish care are designed to meet formulators’ complex needs for high-performing and sustainable solutions in multiple forms. For enhanced performance in phosphate-free solutions, formulators can rely on Mirapol® Surf-S P-Free Power NP. This shine polymer for dishes is engineered for simple implementation into a range of powder formulations. Mirapol® Surf-S P-Free Power NP ensures fast, spot-free drying and exhibits shine benefits that promote cleaner dishes after every use. 

Additionally, Mirapol® Surf-S 480 PF NP is designed for liquid formulations that need an additional boost to produce streak-free, shiny dishes in every wash. These preservative-free polymers are ideal for high-performing, sustainable automatic dishwashing solutions.

In addition to polymers, Solvay also offers preservative-free surfactants for dish and hard surface cleaners. Mackam® LHS GN is a grade of sultaines derived from natural origin. It exhibits high foaming and mildness synergies with common anionic surfactants, and excellent lime soap dispersing properties. Sultaines are widely used in hand dishwashing liquid and bathroom cleaners.
The high-performing combination of amine oxides and sultaines, allows formulators to boost foam and detergency, therefore to design cost-effective formulations.

As the market continues to move towards biocide-free home care solutions, formulators must utilize safer ingredients that maintain outstanding performance without the need for harmful preservatives.

For more information on Solvay’s new line of biocide-free ingredients for home care formulations, contact our experts.