Running for Sustainability

Did you know that a key raw material of a polyurethane sole is  Adipic Acid? And when you wear shoes made with Solvay’s adipic acid, you are walking in a more sustainable world? 

Solvay’s adipic acid industrial unit in Brazil houses the largest greenhouse gas abatement station in the Americas. Each year, the equivalent of almost 1 million vehicles powered by fossil fuels are demolished. This corresponds to the elimination of 4.45 million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Furthermore,  Alve-One® - our hazardous-free and eco-friendly chemical foaming agent - is the safest and most efficient alternative to ADCA and expandable microspheres currently available on the market.

Solvay also offers a range of bio-based solvents, biodegradable polyamide yarns, and silica for the footwear industry.


Walk the Talk: Enabling Eco-friendly Shoes

With sustainable materials for footwear applications, Solvay contributes to a more eco-friendly industry. Our Adipic Acid and sustainable foaming solutions serve as safe and efficient alternatives to help footwear OEMs meet increasingly stringent restrictions and regulations. Specifically, Solvay’s Alve-One® foaming solutions optimize footwear formulations and production processes by reducing cycle times creating notable savings potential and higher outputs.