We Innovate to Walk With Durability and Comfort

  • Alve-One® - A hazardous-free and eco-friendly chemical foaming agent for footwear and sports equipment (e.g. yoga mats), Alve-One® is Solvay’s solution for the polymer foams industry to meet some of the strictest market and regulatory requirements. Using Alve-One® you will be reducing exposure to SVHC thus contributing to improving working conditions with a positive impact on the health of those producing foams. You will also be producing foams that (i) are healthier for the consumers (lower VOCs emissions and no odors), (ii) that have a positive impact on the environment (replacing 1 kg of ADCA by Alve-One® you’ll be saving 10 kg of CO2-eq) and (iii) that are easier to be recycled as Alve-one® is not generating any harmful decomposition residues. Alve-One® is an undeniable success case of SSbD, supporting the goals of the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability. Alve-One® is a mineral-based product formulated with 100% safe, raw materials, and is free of SVHC substances.
  • Rhodiacid® - A high-purity Adipic Acid, this specialty intermediate is used for the production of nylon 66 and for a wide range of applications including resins, adhesives, coatings, plastics, and more. Rhodiacid® is suitable for use in shoe soles, synthetic leather, and other textile goods. 
  • Augeo SL 191 - Augeo SL 191 is a high-performance Bio-based Solvent for Leather applications, such as diluting dyes with suitable viscosity to ensure solution stability. Due to its unique characteristics, Augeo has a lower odor compared to the other solvents used in the market.
  • Amni Soul Eco® - Amni Soul Eco® is the world's first biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn, whose formula has been improved to allow shoe uppers made with this yarn to quickly decompose after being disposed of in landfills. 
  • Emana® Footwear - Emana® Footwear is a polyamide that can be incorporated in footwear linings, insoles and shoe uppers to promote breathability and a high level of comfort and well-being for feet