An Advanced Portfolio of Polyamides

A partner of manufacturers in the textile, clothing, and personal protection markets, Solvay offers consumers ever-greater comfort in their day-to-day lives through a wide range of polymers and yarns.

  • Amni Soul Eco® - Amni Soul Eco® is the world's first biodegradable polyamide 6.6 yarn, whose formula has been improved to allow clothes, made with this yarn, to quickly decompose after being disposed of in landfills. Amni Soul Eco® is a major sustainable breakthrough for the whole textile industry, thereby contributing to the environment of the future generations.  
  • Bio Amni® - Solvay’s first partially bio-based polyamide 5.6 developed to attend the growing demand and market movement for more sustainable textile products. 
  • Amni® UV protection - Amni® UV protection is used mainly for high exposure to sunlight, in sportswear, resort wear and accessories.
  • Amni® Biotech Eco - Amni® Biotech Eco, in addition to being biodegradable, manages the correct level of bacteriostatic protection for use especially in lingerie, underwear, socks and sportswear, to avoid the formation of odor in the clothing.
  • Amni Colors® - Amni® Colors has been developed to add special color shades to the yarn. In addition to eliminating the dyeing step and the risk of stains, it also prevents the loss of color intensity in clothes.
  • Amni® Virus-Bac OFF - Amni® Virus-Bac OFF has been created to offer protection against bacteria and viruses, including enveloped viruses, such as influenza, herpesvirus, new coronavirus and others.
  • Emana® - Emana® is a revolutionary development from Solvay, a technological breakthrough in the textile field, that has opened the way to the creation of bioactive apparels able to promote a new level of interaction between the fabric and the skin to enhance wellbeing. The result is a unique formula which improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of cellulite, delivering  smoother, younger-looking skin, with comfort and wellbeing. For athletes, Emana® improves sports performance, reducing muscle fatigue with less oxygen consumption and fast recovery. All of the Emana® benefits are scientifically proven and its intelligent properties deliver an everlasting effect, even after unlimited washes.