Fluid Handling Systems

Delivery, storage, filtration and processing are some of the steps integral to a fluid handling system. Fluoropolymers, thanks to their superior capabilities to withstand extreme chemicals and temperatures, are widely used as coatings and/or lining materials in semiconductor operations. Solef® PVDFHalar® ECTFEHyflon® PFAAlgoflon® PTFE are specified for key components such as: valves, fittings, pipe, tanks, vessels, membranes, and heat exchangers.

Process Exhaust Ducting

Halar® ECTFE delivers exceptional results in semiconductor environments. It is used as a coating and/or lining material in exhaust duct, vessels and process equipment. Halar® ECTFE powder coatings have been used successfully for fire safety and corrosion protection of exhaust duct systems that must meet the FM4922 fire safety standard. Halar® ECTFE coated ductwork offers exceptional surface smoothness reducing the risk of contamination buildup and corrosion.


Waste Disposal

The transfer of wastes in the semiconductor manufacturing environment concerns the transportation of chemicals, gases, slurries and other liquids from the manufacturing operations to facilities where they may be collected, pretreated, recycled or otherwise disposed of.

The substances considered waste products of semiconductor manufacturing are likely to be corrosive, ignitable, reactive and/or toxic. Fluoropolymers offer superior strength and resistance to acids used in the etch, stripping and cleaning processes, as well as abrasion resistance to slurries and effluents. Piping and fittings, valves and other components made or coated by Solef® PVDFHalar® ECTFEHyflon® PFA and Algoflon® PTFE  offer reliable construction for waste disposal systems.