The main purpose of a process cooling fluid is to control or maintain the constant temperature of the wafer to a certain set point in order to avoid potential material damage.

Galden® PFPE HT is a line of heat transfer fluids with boiling points ranging from 55°C to 270°C. Their excellent dielectric properties, high chemical stability combined with their capacity to operate at very low as well as elevated temperatures make them the best heat transfer fluids for the aggressive conditions used in the Semiconductor and Electronic Industry.

Galden® PFPE HT fluids show excellent compatibility with most of the materials commonly present in heat exchangers. Galden® PFPE systems are practically maintenance-free with no corrosion hazard. Galden® PFPE dielectric properties do not change with use with no risk of short-circuiting. Environmentally safe, Galden® PFPE is non-toxic, non-explosive, and will not damage electronics should any leakage occur. No Flash or Fire Point and No Auto-ignition Point are additional advantages of Galden® PFPE HT.


Galden® HT PFPE: Operating Temperature Range