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The Smart Device industry increasingly needs more high-performance sustainable material solutions to make devices and wearables lighter and slimmer while reducing their carbon footprint. The most effective way of reducing weight is to replace metal with high-performance polymers, well-established practice with a proven track record. Now, thanks to Solvay’s development of high-performance materials that contribute to a sustainable future, it is possible to use raw materials from bio-renewable sources to create bio-by-design polymers without compromising on performance. In this e-guide you will learn how Solvay’s unmatched portfolio of specialty polymers offers high-performance sustainable solutions for smart devices and wearables that enable customers to get it the right first time.

Explore the potential of our advanced polymers, including our bio grades, through detailed application overviews for: 

  • Smartphones 
  • Wearables 
  • AR/VR

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