Explore Our Comprehensive Portfolio of Polymers for Electronic Devices and Equipment

Solvay offers a versatile portfolio of polymers designed to optimize components in a wide range of electronic devices and equipment. Our solutions deliver an ideal combination of durability, mechanical performance and aesthetic benefits for the expanding market of electronic devices and equipment. 


Semi-Crystalline Structural Materials

  • Ixef® PARA - Ixef® PARA is a polyarylamide with an unrivaled combination of strength, stiffness and surface aesthetics and is ideal for an array of structural and cosmetic components of smart devices. Available in carbon-fiber reinforced grades, Ixef® PARA offers a tensile modulus close to traditional metals to provide structural applications with an excellent high gloss finish and a paintable surface. This extremely high-flow resin enables the filling of walls as thin as 0.5mm. Ixef® PARA maintains its exceptional dimensional stability over time and also displays low and slow moisture absorption in an array of smartphone cosmetic frame applications. Additionally, the superior flow and flatness, chemical resistance and biocompatibility of Ixef® PARA render it optimal for chassis and bracket applications in today’s most advanced wearable devices.
  • Kalix® HPPA - Kalix® HPPA is a high-performance polyamide specially designed for structural components in mobile electronic devices and wearables. Kalix® HPPA products are glass-filled compounds that serve as outstanding alternatives to conventional metals where both strength and aesthetics are critical. This alloy of semi-crystalline aromatic polyarylamide delivers outstanding strength, rigidity, impact properties and a high-quality surface finish in various smart device applications, including cover glass frames, internal brackets and covers, metal over-molded frames and more. Additionally, Kalix® HPPA facilitates ease-of-processing for manufacturers by displaying lower warpage, reduced shrinkage and low to no flash. This high-performance polymer is also available in bio-sourced and halogen-free flame retardant grades.  
  • Amodel® PPA - Amodel® PPA is an aromatic polyamide specifically formulated to outperform standard polyamides in smart device manufacturing with higher strength and stiffness, even through exposure to chemically aggressive environments and high temperature conditions. Amodel® PPA retains its excellent mechanical and electrical properties to provide excellent performance and ease-of-processing for a range of structural parts of electronic components in both smartphones and wearables.  
  • Ryton® PPS - Ryton® PPS is a polyphenylene sulfide that offers a unique combination of properties with an unmatched cost-performance balance for a variety of structural applications in modern smart devices. This specialty polymer provides high strength and stiffness, good chemical resistance, outstanding dimensional stability and nano molding compatibility, even at elevated temperatures. Ryton® PPS offers remarkable thermal stability, is inherently flame retardant and maintains exceptionally high modulus and creep resistance in a wide range of conditions.  



  • Tecnoflon® FKM - Tecnoflon® FKM is a specialty fluorinated elastomer specifically designed to provide key properties for wearables and accessories in today’s competitive industry. Tecnoflon® FKM is ideal for use in an array of wearable device components. Specifically, this advanced fluoroelastomer offers a soft and silky aesthetic, superior chemical resistance to most cosmetic and cleaning formulas and outstanding property and performance retention, even when exposed to UV light and excessive wear and tear. When used in wearable applications for smart devices such as smart watch bands, chest bands, clasps and catches, the unrivaled haptics, stain and sweat resistance and density of Tecnoflon® FKM facilitates an ultra-comfortable, ergonomic, dense and durable fit for premium consumer experience. Additionally, Tecnoflon® FKM displays improved cleanability and appearance following repeated sterilization and is ISO 10993 approved for body contact. 


Ultra Polymers

  • AvaSpire® PAEK - AvaSpire® PAEK is a semi-crystalline, ultra-performance polymer used in the most demanding applications of smartphones and wearables. Its proprietary formulation process is based on PEEK, which provides this specialty material with impressive structural design freedom. AvaSpire® PAEK is well-suited for an array of smartphone applications. Its good mechanical toughness, NMT compatibility, PVD adhesion and anodizing resistant properties are ideal for use in plastic-metal hybrid structures, as well as antenna splits in both smartphones and wearables.  
  • KetaSpire® PEEK - KetaSpire® PEEK is a polyetheretherketone with good mechanical properties and the best chemical resistance of Solvay’s polymers. This exceptional PEEK provides high tensile strength, some colorability and improved performance in the most demanding applications during processing and usage, even at high temperatures. Due to its outstanding chemical resistance, wear, fatigue, creep resistance and flexible strength, KetaSpire® PEEK is well-suited for structural and cosmetic frames, chassis and brackets in modern smartphones, wearables and next-generation foldable electronics. 
  • Torlon® PAI - Torlon® PAI is a family of polyamide-imides that combines the outstanding performance properties of thermoset polyimides with the melt-processing benefits of thermoplastics. Its extremely high strength and stiffness is ideal for unique structural applications in today’s electronic devices that require exceptional toughness. This PAI is ideal for structural smart device components due to its high strength, low CLTE and superior chemical resistance. Torlon® PAI is specifically formulated with high-temperature wear resistance and toughness, which makes it well-suited for advanced structural applications, such as hinges for foldable devices.  


Sulfone Resins

  • Radel® PPSU - Radel® PPSU is a polyphenylsulfone that leads our sulfone polymers in performance, as it exhibits high-notched impact resistance and better chemical resistance than polysulfone (PSU) and polyetherimide (PEI). The superb flexible properties and chemical resistance of PPSU place this polymer at the forefront of sulfone resins for smart devices in terms of performance. With excellent ductility and good colorability, Radel® PPSU is ideal for flexible frames and plastic-metal hybrid structural components in smartphones and wearables. Additionally, Udel® PSU and Veradel® PESU (polyethersulfone) offer cost-performance alternatives depending on OEM and application requirements.