Defining Progress for New Display Technologies

Progressive display technologies redefine user experience by delivering pristine aesthetics, enhanced user input and end-use performance that surpass the capabilities of current or previous-gen display technologies. Therefore, to deliver an enhanced user experience, they require high-performance materials. 

Solvay’s broad portfolio of technologies answers the call for the high-end display market. Our solutions for new display technology applications grant OEMs incredible design freedom and mechanical benefits when designing next-gen display technologies. 


Outstanding Materials for Display Technologies

Our offerings include Functional Fluids, Solvene® EAP, Lithium Trifluoromethanesulfonate, Lithium Triflate 50% Aq Solution, LiTFSI SOLUTION 75%, LiTFSI PURE and CYTOP®.

Addressing the Needs of Industry-Defining New Display Technology 

Solvay acknowledges the complex and unique needs of new display technology applications and supplies a portfolio of solutions catering to the most stringent OEM and market requirements. Our solutions offer superior thermal resistance, stability, and mechanical prowess to critical applications, such as OLED and quantum dots displays. 

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