Reliable Materials for New Display Technologies

Specialized components used in display technologies are exposed to a number of thermally and electrically demanding environments. Solvay’s offerings for the display and lighting market feature a wide range of polymer-based technologies to withstand the chemically, electrically and thermally demanding scenarios that deteriorate components used in the display and lighting market. Our portfolio of materials includes trusted brands in the industry, including Functional Fluids, Solvene® EAP, Lithium Trifluoromethanesulfonate, Lithium Triflate 50% Aq Solution, LiFTSI SOLUTION 75%, LiFTSI PURE, and CYTOP®.


  • Functional Fluids - Solvay’s perfluoropolyethers enhance the performance of anti-fingerprint coatings in display technology applications. With a combination of water/oil repellency, anti-smudge technology, lubricity, soft feel and easy cleanability, our portfolio of functional fluids offer excellent performance. 
  • Solvene® EAP - This portfolio of ferroelectric and ferrorelaxor polymers offers great electromechanical properties and ease of processing. Our Solvene® EAP grades offer a range of properties such as high dielectric constants and crosslink abilities to a number of complex applications across the display and lighting market.
  • LiTFSI - Our LiTFSI brand of Lithium bis-Trifluoromethanesulfonate solutions spearheads the lithium salt market for electronic applications. Our LiTFSI solutions, including Lithium Triflate 50% Aq Solution, LiTFSI SOLUTION 75% and LiTFSI PURE provide high battery performance and high safety thanks to its chemical and thermal stability.
  • CYTOP® - CYTOP® phosphine derivatives are the material of choice for manufacturers producing all quantum dot types. The key benefits of CYTOP® grades include high purity levels, commercial scale availability, and more.