Enhanced Applications Define New Display Technology Trends

The needs of the latest display technologies vary with each application, and Solvay enables them with a portfolio of high-performance materials. Particularly, our portfolio outperforms traditional materials in challenging applications such as OLED and quantum dot displays


LCD Technology

Display technologies cover a wide range of applications, from light bulbs to LCD displays. OEMs producing high-quality LCDs demand high-performance materials. In that, Solvene® EAP is ideally suited as a high-performance layer in the OLCD  display stack. 

OLED Display Glass

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) display glass producers require top-of-the-line lithium salt technology to maintain excellent electrochemical properties. Additionally, OLED display glass needs antistatic reinforcement to ensure longevity. Solvay’s  LiTFSI and its ionic liquid derivatives are the leading fluorinated technology applied as an antistatic agent and thermal stabilizer.   

Quantum Dot Displays

Manufacturers in the industry recognize the importance of advanced quantum dot displays. Quantum dots function as precursors to semiconducting materials and applications such as light sensors and televisions. These applications require high-quality and high-purity phosphine-based  CYTOP® materials.