A Portfolio That Enables Superior Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC)

Our broad-ranging portfolio of exceptional products offers high heat, superior, stable dielectric performance, and chemical resistance along with other exceptional qualities. These materials improve Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and Flexible Printed Circuits (FPC), thus enhancing electronic components and enabling manufacturers to produce superior components competitive with market standards.

  • Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers - As a range of melt-processable perfluoroalkoxy fluorocarbon resins, Hyflon® Perfluoropolymers offer low dielectric constant, low dissipation factors, high-temperature service with virtually universal chemical resistance along with intrinsic processing stability, surface smoothness, lower thermal rating, high tenacity (high stress/strain at break) and high flex-life.
  • Xydar® LCP - Xydar® LCP can be converted into thin film or thin-wall components, has outstanding strength at extreme temperatures and features excellent flow properties. It’s also inherently flame retardant and has exceptional chemical resistance. Its low moisture absorption properties and excellent dielectric performance make it an ideal material for FPC.  
  • Algoflon® PTFE - As a high-molecular-weight thermoplastic, Algoflon ® PTFE consists wholly of carbon and fluorine atoms. It performs at extreme temperatures with chemical inertness, corrosion resistance and mechanical toughness, extreme low dielectric constant and low dissipation factors, to name a few of its many high-performing properties.