Exceptional Materials for Base Station Components

Our broad portfolio provides base station components with high-performance properties. Our materials allow for superior resistance to harsh factors and exceptional durability. Our excellent materials enhance antennas and wire and cables in base stations.

  • Ryton® PPS - Ideal for antennas, Ryton® PPS is known for its exceptional stability, flame retardance and chemical resistance. It offers excellent flow, low shrinkage, superior stiffness and mechanical integrity.   
  • CYASORB® - CYASORB®’s excellent UV stabilizing performance and thermal protection make it a great material choice for wire and cables. CYASORB® UV grades provide wire and cable components with the essential attributes of connectivity, heat resistance and long-term service life. 
  • CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® - A family of stabilizers, CYASORB CYNERGY SOLUTIONS® offer exceptional properties for wire and cables. These stabilizers are designed for harsh environments, extended UV exposure and superior color, gloss and physical property retention.