Developing Safe, Natural, High-Performance Nutrition 

Food & Beverage

Solvay has a portfolio of natural and synthetic vanillin solutions to perfectly meet growing consumer trends for natural, performance nutrition, and food safety. From bakery & premix, chocolate & confectionery and instant powder drinks to protein powders, cereals, dairy food, nutraceuticals and food supplements for sports nutrition, health & wellness, and baby food.

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We are leveraging the benefit of our strong expertise and innovation capabilities to explore and develop solutions for fragrances such as Eugenol® Synth or Rhovanil® vanillin. 

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Fabric Care

Fragrances for laundry detergents are not only a valuable way of differentiating brands but also for creating unique customer experiences. Our range of precious notes offer long-lasting fragrance power and stability for laundry and fabric care, air fresheners, and home care products.

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Personal Care

As consumers are increasingly interested in a more holistic feel to personal care products, many fragrances are taking inspiration from food with rich indulgent aromas. Our long-lasting fragrances offer durable power and stability to body wash, shower gel, and shampoo formulations.

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