Optimizing Process Efficiencies and Shelf Life

The food industry is constantly working on new methods to lengthen the shelf life of foods and improve process efficiencies.  To help meet these requirements, we have developed a range of premium quality functional additives for leavening bakery products, creating effervescent drinks and powders, significantly increasing shelf life of canned fruit and vegetables, bakery foods, oils, accelerating cheese production and optimizing processing by increasing particle-free flow.


Our Solutions for Functional Food Additives

For over 150 years we have offered high-quality food-grade sodium bicarbonate for biscuits, baked goods, and effervescent drinks. Similarly, our calcium chloride has many uses in the food and beverage industry, such as in cheese processing or to increase the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. We also offer a powerful antioxidant designed to significantly increase the shelf life of baked foods, cereals, potato flakes, fats, and oils. Processing efficiency can be optimized thanks to a fine, hydrophilic silica powder that prevents particle clumping or caking.

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Fresh tomatoes and tomato paste

The Functional Food Additives’ Most Diverse Product Portfolio

Explore all our solutions for functional food additives.  We offer a wide range of products for optimizing process efficiencies and shelf life in bakery, soft drinks, beer brewing, dairy, and cheese processing.

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