Meeting the most stringent quality and biological safety standards and demand for metal alternatives.

Access this eGuide and discover Solviva®, our family of biomaterials optimally designed for implantable devices. These medical-grade specialty polymers meet and exceed today’s most stringent standards for safety, quality, and performance excellence, along with a variety of essential design properties.

This resource provides technical data and real-world examples of how Zeniva® PEEK, Eviva® PSU, and Veriva® PPSU are utilized to develop some of today’s most advanced implantable devices due to their:

  • Exceptional Structural Properties
  • Impressive Dimensional Stability
  • Outstanding Chemical Resistance 
  • Optical Transparency and Radiolucency 
  • Superior Sterilization Compatibility 
High-Performance Polymer Biomaterials for Implantable Medical Devices eGuide Preview

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