An Extensive Range of High-Quality Biomaterials for Implantable Devices

Solviva® Biomaterials for implantable devices meet the highest standards for strength, durability, dimensional stability, chemical resistance, impermeability, optimal radiolucency and transparency. This versatile performance and reliable safety make Solviva® Biomaterials an ideal choice for advanced implantable devices.

  • Eviva® PSU - Eviva® PSU provides reliable dimensional tolerance out of the mold and does not require expensive machining for more cost-effective implantable device components that still deliver required toughness and biocompatibility. 
  • Veriva® PPSU - With exceptional moldability and outstanding chemical resistance, Veriva® PPSU is suitable for implantable devices that require unmatched toughness and excellent biocompatibility. 
  • Zeniva® PEEK - Zeniva® PEEK is one of the most biostable plastics available today and offers outstanding properties like high strength and stiffness, excellent toughness and impressive fatigue resistance.