Discover Solvay’s Advanced Solutions for Industrial Coatings

Explore our portfolio of solutions for industrial coatings, designed to enhance their protective properties in a wide range of usages. Our portfolio of additives, specialty polymers, and solvents include industry-proven brands such as Sipomer®, Rhodasurf®, Rhodafac®, Blanc Fixe, Augeo® SL 191, Hylar® PVDF, Diofan® PVDC, Polymist® and Algoflon® L PTFE Micronized Powders, Halar® ECTFE.



  • Sipomer® The Sipomer® range of specialty polymers are known to improve waterborne architectural coatings. The binders in these polymers offer coatings enacted corrosion, scrub, scratch and water resistance to stick to difficult substrates better and reliably. 
  • Rhodasurf®This APEO-free ethoxylate provides enhanced mechanical, chemical, freeze thaw and pre-monomer emulsion stability. Rhodasurf® enables industrial coatings to be less sensitive to water exposure, as well as to demonstrate less foaming tendencies. 
  • Rhodafac®Known for providing several protective and performance benefits, manufacturers of industrial coatings trust Rhodafac® to deliver outstanding functionality to industrial coatings. Industrial coatings with Rhodafac® Range exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and less water absorption than other coatings. 
  • Blanc Fixe - With narrow particle-size distribution, Blanc Fixe is a versatile additive used in various industries. It is used as a filler in industrial coatings. 



  • Augeo® SL 191 - Known for its low-odor, Augeo® SL 191 is a sustainable slow-evaporating solvent. Augeo® SL 191’s HSE profile makes it a great solution for the production of non-toxic industrial paints. 


Specialty Polymers 

  • Hylar® PVDFHylar® PVDF grades are an ideal choice for industrial PVDF industrial coatings. This versatile polymer can be used in a range of coating usages and offers excellent weather and chemical resistance. 
  • Diofan® PVDC - Coating applications benefit from Diofan® PVDC aqueous dispersions because of its barrier properties. Diofan® PVDC is scratch, corrosion and abrasion resistant and provides barriers to water vapor and oxygen. 
  • Polymist® and Algoflon® L PTFE Micronized Powders - This family of PTFE powders are known for enhancing processing and end-use performance properties of industrial coatings. The powders provide coatings with wear, rub, friction and scratch resistance. 
  • Halar® ECTFE - Halar® ECTFE has been trusted since 1975 as a superior product to enhance adhesion and overall performance of industrial coatings. Halar® ECTFE offers outstanding corrosion protection for industrial coatings exposed to a wide range of conditions.