The red muds include various components of the Bayer process stream that are insoluble under highly alkaline conditions, including insoluble or colloidal iron.  It is important to rapidly and cleanly separate the red mud from the sodium aluminate solution to make this particular step economically efficient. If the rate of separation is too slow, output is materially diminished and overall process efficiency impaired.  If the separation is not clean, the resultant alumina is somewhat crude and contains sufficiently high levels of iron to make it undesirable for a number of end uses.


Colloidal Iron Is normally difficult to remove from Bayer Liquor and is a major contributor of iron in the precipitated alumina.  Solvay’s CYQUEST® iron removal agent is a polymeric reagent designed to remove colloidal iron from Bayer process liquor. CYQUEST® offers a simple and easy way of complexing this type of iron and allowing it to be removed from the process.