Solvay provides collectors and extractants that improve floatability and selectivity for molybdenum.



Molybdenite is the most common molybdenum mineral. Solvay's AERO® brand collectors/promoters enhance and improve the natural floatability of molybdenite.


AERO® 7260 HFP modifier is an excellent depressant in Cu-Mo separation circuits, allowing plant operators to reduce NaSH usage by 50% to 70%.


Solvent Extraction

CYANEX® 600 is used for the purification and concentration of molybdenum from acidic solutions.  Relative to tertiary amine extractants, CYANEX® 600 has several advantages:


  • Improved selectivity for Mo over other metals commonly present in leach solutions including arsenic, iron, aluminum, copper, chromium and rhenium

  • Higher Mo loading capacity

  • Improved phase disengagement characteristics