Solvay offers a variety of unique solutions for nickel and cobalt processing.



Flotation reagents from our AERO®, AEROFLOAT® and OREPREP® brands enable the recovery of sulfide nickel/cobalt minerals from ore. AERO polymeric depressants, such as AERO 7261A, help in making a clean separation by depressing non-value sulfide minerals.


Solvent Extraction

CYANEX® 272 extractant has proven to be the reagent of choice for the separation of cobalt from nickel from both sulfate and chloride media. It is used to produce a major portion of the world's cobalt. Since the active component of CYANEX 272 extractant is a phosphinic acid, metals are extracted through a cation exchange mechanism. Although CYANEX 272 extractant is selective for cobalt in the presence of nickel, other cations can also be extracted depending on the solution pH. CYANEX 272 extractant is miscible with common aromatic and aliphatic diluents, and is stable to both heat and hydrolysis.

CYANEX® 301 is a dialky1dithiophosphinic acid extractant. This sulfur-containing compound is a much stronger acid than its analogous oxy-acid, CYANEX 272. As such, it is capable of extracting many metals at lower pH (<2) and has found commercial application for the separation of nickel and cobalt from magnesium and manganese.