An Industry-Proven Portfolio for Solvent Extraction

As the leading reagent supplier to the mining industry, Solvay is a trusted partner to metal extraction operations globally. We prioritize collaboration with our customers to identify the optimal reagent scheme for each operation’s unique challenges. Explore our top brands and digital process monitoring offer below.



  • ACORGA® - This family of solvent extraction reagents is particularly well-suited for copper extraction. The broad ACORGA® product line is widely regarded for improving metallurgical outcomes regardless of ore type. 
  • CYANEX® - This product line and its grades provide operators with an effective way to recover key metals such as nickel and cobalt, lithium, molybdenum, rare earths, uranium and more.

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Leaching and Other Aids 

  • INTEROX® Hydrogen Peroxide A high-purity grade hydrogen peroxide, INTEROX® helps to reduce cyanide consumption during leaching to boost gold and silver recovery. 
  • IXPER® Calcium Peroxide 75CBased on calcium peroxide technologies, IXPER® provides the benefits of solid hydrogen peroxide in powdered form and can be employed in leaching processes. 
  • ACORGA® CR60 LTThis special additive was developed to improve solvent extraction operations by preventing crud formation as well as offering phase separation benefits.


Digital Resources

  • SolvExtract®SolvExtract® is a first-of-its-kind digital platform that provides insights leading to near-real-time improvements to solvent extraction circuits, thereby improving the efficiency of copper solvent extraction. 
  • Mining Chemicals Handbook - The Mining Chemicals Handbook is a reflection of Solvay’s commitment to the mining industry. Rich with actionable insights, this interactive platform guides operators through the latest reagents technologies and developments in the industry.