Solutions for Oil & Gas Equipment, Compressors and Pumps

The Energy industry prioritizes improved efficiency, performance and cost at all stages of oil and gas production. To achieve optimal results, manufacturers and operators must select material solutions for equipment, compressor and pump components that withstand the extreme thermal, pressure and chemical conditions associated with energy applications.

Solvay offers the largest portfolio of high-performance polymers that meet the demanding requirements of the Oil and Gas industry. Our advanced polymers and additives give OEMs the performance they need to design the next generation of oil and gas equipment, compressors and pumps, and step into the future of efficient energy production.


Solvay’s Offer for Equipment, Compressor and Pump Applications 

Solvay offers unique solutions for Energy equipment, compressors and pumps designed to deliver strength, durability, toughness and outstanding resistance performance in harsh conditions. Our specialty polymers and additives, including Algoflon® and Polymist® PTFE, KetaSpire® PEEK, AvaSpire® PAEK and Torlon® PAI, enable manufacturers and operators to achieve exceptional performance in critical components across oil and gas production stages. 

Optimized Usages for Equipment, Compressors and Pumps

Energy production is no easy task. Operators require a vast network of equipment to achieve efficient oil and gas production in extreme environments. Solvay’s innovative material solutions enable improved performance in equipment, compressors, and pumps exposed to increasingly harsh temperatures, pressures, and chemicals.

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