Next-Generation Solutions for Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes

Reinforced thermoplastic pipes, or RTPs, are lightweight, spoolable fluid transport pipelines that combine the chemical resistance properties of a thermoplastic polymer with the strength of a reinforcement material such as carbon fiber. RTPs are gaining momentum not only in the Oil & Gas industry but also in sectors like Hydrogen and Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage, as calls for carbon neutrality intensify.

RTPs are corrosion resistant, accelerate production and deployment cycles, and have a strong sustainability profile. Compared to metals conventionally used for energy infrastructure, RTPs have a lower carbon footprint, thanks to significant improvements in resource efficiency and greenhouse emissions. 

Solvay offers a range of materials that aid manufacturers in designing high-performance RTPs that extend lifetime and reduce maintenance and OPEX costs. With advanced polymers and thermoplastic composite solutions for RTP pipes, and with more products in development for additional RTP usages, Solvay is the go-to solutions provider for RTP materials.


High-Performance Materials for Reliable RTPs

Solvay’s advanced polymers, such as Solef® PVDF and Ryton® PPS, are used in the development of RTP liners. Additionally, our Evolite® thermoplastic composite tapes are ideal for high-temperature, high-pressure pipe reinforcement layers. 

Flexible, Lightweight Pipes with Outstanding Durability

Operators and manufacturers are steadily turning to RTPs to replace steel in environments with aggressive fluids like oil and gas. Solvay’s solutions can be utilized in RTP liners and reinforcement layers to meet complex requirements for spooling, permeation reduction and corrosion inhibition.

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