Explore Efficient Microbial Control Solutions for Industrial Water Treatment

Solvay’s formulations for microbial control provide broad-spectrum biocidal benefits in challenging industrial water treatment applications. Our brands, including Fentacare®, Glokill®, INTEROX® and OXYSTRONG®, can be used effectively in challenging water treatment environments with varying temperatures, pH ranges and chemicals.

  • Fentacare® - Versatile grades of Fentacare® provide antibacterial benefits for industrial water treatment applications. Fentacare® quaternary ammonium compounds are effective at low concentrations and result in broad microbial control and inhibited biofilm formation in industrial water treatment. 
  • Glokill® - This highly effective algicide has additional benefits as a biocide enhancer in industrial water treatment applications. Glokill® grades are synergistic with other biocides and can easily be incorporated into microbial control programs.
  • OXYSTRONG® - OXYSTRONG® grades are formulated with peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, and water for extremely effective microbial control. These solutions can be customized based on contact time and type of contamination to remove harmful microorganisms in many different environments.
  • INTEROX® - known for reducing COD and BOD traces in industrial waters, INTEROX® hydrogen peroxide can effectively deliver biocidal properties when applied in the process without generating chlorinated byproducts and toxic residue.