Advanced Materials for Industrial Water Treatment

Treating industrial waters comes with a host of challenges. From infrastructure investments and mounting energy costs, to varying purity requirements and safety protocols, the need for reliable, cost-conscious solutions has never been greater. With concerns about water scarcity and tightening regulations, innovative material- and chemical-based solutions are key to advancing water treatment processes.

At Solvay, we help organizations around the world preserve critically needed industrial water supplies and use them more efficiently. Our expansive portfolio, including surfactants, peroxides and specialty polymers, enables chemical suppliers and water service companies to develop solutions for critical industrial water treatment challenges.

Water treatment solution

Surfactants, Peroxides and Specialty Polymers for Industrial Water Treatment

Explore our industry-proven brands dedicated to helping industrial water treatment customers meet stringent regulatory, sustainability and performance targets. Learn more about key brands such as INTEROX​® hydrogen peroxide, Veradel® PESU, Solef® PVDF, Rhodibloc® additives and Antarox® emulsifiers.

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