Versatile Solutions for Corrosion and Scale Inhibition in Water Treatment

Solvay’s broad portfolio of high-performing solutions for corrosion and scale inhibition enables long-lasting and efficient industrial water treatment processes. Explore our versatile product families, and work with our experts to formulate a solution that meets the precise needs of any water treatment application and environment.


Nitrogen Derivative Solutions

  • Miramine® and Fentamine® - These families of amines and imidazolines are effective intermediates in the development of corrosion inhibitors like quaternary ammonium derivatives. Miramine® and Fentamine® products are designed for low and high water cut systems, and imidazolines deliver enhanced performance in sour conditions.
  • Mackam®, Mirataine® and Miranol® - The Mackam®, Mirataine® and Miranol® portfolios feature biodegradable amphoteric surfactants that are highly effective as corrosion inhibitors. These products also work synergistically to enhance the performance of anionic and cationic inhibitors.
  • Fentacare®, Marcor® and Rhodaquat® - These ranges of quaternary ammonium derivatives and amine ethoxylates are ideal additives that balance low cost and high performance in corrosion inhibition formulations. Fentacare®, Marcor® and Rhodaquat® products are versatile solutions for corrosion inhibition in water or brine and in solutions recommended for acidic conditions. These products are adaptable to many industrial water treatment environments.


Phosphate Esters

  • Rhodafac® - Rhodafac® phosphate esters are formulated for controlling corrosion in low and high water cut systems. Solvay’s range of Rhodafac® products enhances corrosion mitigation in high-shear applications and features grades that are oil soluble and dispersible in water. Chemical suppliers and water service companies can achieve synergistic performance benefits when these phosphate esters are formulated with cationic, amphoteric and non-ionic surfactants.


Surfactant Solutions

  • Geropon® and Miranate® - These ranges of biodegradable anionic surfactants are recommended for use as corrosion inhibitors in oil and gas applications. Geropon® and Miranate® surfactants are effective as co-actives and optimize the performance of amphoteric and cationic corrosion inhibitors.


Anti-Scaling Agents

  • Geropon® - Versatile grades of Geropon® deliver excellent emulsifying properties when combined with a non-ionic emulsifier. Geropon® solutions exhibit excellent dispersion properties for calcium soap and can prevent the formation of scale in industrial water treatment systems.